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We at Lead Optimizers create websites for clients that really do work. We have been in die website field since 2000 and we know what works online and we can help any company to get the most leads/ sales out there for their product or service.

The websites we create offers leads / sales to a client, specifically to their field of service. The websites focus purely on the online search realm and focus mostly on Google (Search Engine) in terms of online searches, relevant to the niche field.

3 Keys to Success:

The keys to success with this business model is that we have the technical skills to make sure that the website can rank very well on Google to get the maximum amount of traffic to the website.

1. We have 14 years of experience in the online marketing field and continue to keep updated with the latest's online trends. This remain our responsibly to make sure that the website ranks well and continue to receive targeted traffic, in order for the client to receive enquiries.

2. The website we are going to create will be designed and developed by us, with no costing on the client's side. The information and photos that will be listed on the website must be provided by the client.

3. The client will only pay a specified amount for a valid lead / sale, depending on what option will work the best for the applicable service.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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